Type:                  Industry/USM collaboration

Agency:              Lotte Chemical

Role:                      Principal Investigator

Title:                    Co-pyrolysis and catalytic co-pyrolysis of plastic waste and lignocellulosic agricultural waste available 

                              in Malaysia into high-quality bio-oil

Period:                 Jan 2020 to Dec. 2021

Amount:              RM 200,000


Type:                     Individual University Research grant (RUI)

Agency:                Universiti Sains Malaysia

Role:                      Principal Investigator

Title:                      Fabrication of nitrogen-doped nanoporous and biofunctional composites for the adsorption  

                              of emerging contaminant (Endocrine Disruptor’s Compounds and pharmaceuticals) in water

Period:                 1st May 2018 to 30th April 2020

Amount:              RM 83,500

Slow Pyrolysis biomass catalyst

Type:                     Research University Top Down project

 Agency:               Universiti Sains Malaysia

 Role:                    Principal Investigator

 Title:                    Thermal and catalytic co-pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass and plastic waste into high-quality 

                               bio-oil product

Period:                 1st August 2017-31st July 2019

 Amount:             RM 99,400.00

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